Study at Johns Hopkins Fails to Link Assault Weapons Bans to Reduction in School Shootings

Despite its obvious spin, a JHU study whose data was released last week “did not find an independent association between assault weapon bans and the incidence of fatal mass shootings.” That’s because the data was cherry-picked to skip over certain states like Illinois (and thus big, violent crime-ridden cities like Chicago). More

Democrat Candidates Race to Finish a Distant 2nd to President Trump

The NY Post reports that Bernie Sanders now holds a 15-point lead in a nationwide poll over other Democratic Party presidential candidates. Here’s the poll in question. Former NYC mayor Mike Bloomberg, who appears to be trying to become the richest person ever to fail miserably at running for president, “surged” from 8 percent to […] More

Coronavirus Outbreak: Florida and Washington Are Adding to the Problem

As reported at Natural News, the state of Florida joins the state of Washington this week in concealing information about how many people have been tested for the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus. Regardless of the political implications of this virus that originated in China late last year, don’t the American people deserve transparency, especially considering […] More

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2016 Presidential Election Aftermath: Leftist Salt Mining. 2020, colorized.

Just adding some words her eto recall how amazing the feeling was when Trump beat Clinton in 2016. More