Disarm the Deep State (DTDS), a new super PAC whose focus is on exposing and bringing justice to the deep state in the United States, has just launched.

In a recent newsletter announcement, DTDS said: “We are dedicated to educating the American people on the evils of the Deep State, how they abuse rule of law, and working to stop them through candidate engagement and support.”

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What is the Deep State and why does it need to be "disarmed?"

You’ve probably heard the term “shadow government” before. The Deep State or DS is simply the group or groups that control a nation without being elected to do so. We’re talking about the elite, wealthy leaders of central banks, mainstream media corporations, the pharmaceutical industry (AKA Big Pharma), other giant companies and so forth.

All that money and power is being consolidated in ever smaller circles, and it’s been abused for a long time – perhaps more now than ever.

How do you "disarm" the deep state?

The new political action committee (PAC) is promoting a peaceful, yet sustained and fervent, information campaign against the deep state.

It should go without saying, but physical violence is *not* a part of DTDS’s agenda whatsoever.

I had the honor of chatting on Twitter today with a Mrs. S who works at DTDS, and she was extremely kind and cordial to me.

Is Disarm the Deep State a pro-QAnon Super PAC?

I think it’s safe to say yes, DTDS is in favor of QAnon, to the extent that Q continues to fight the deep state and bring awareness about it to the public.

In a dismissive report about the new super PAC, David Gilbert at VICE (archive) parroted the MSM’s near-universal talking point that QAnon’s supporters are embracing a “baseless conspiracy theory” (is QAnon real?).

I’m actually glad to see that, as Gilbert writes, “there are now dozens of congressional candidates in this year’s elections who openly support QAnon.”

It’s almost as if we have freedom of thought and speech in this great country! Imagine that.

You can see a list of 2020 pro-Anon candidates here (archive). It’s published by the toxic pool of leftist sludge known as Media Matters, but it’s useful nonetheless.

The deep state owns and runs Media Matters, so it’s ironic that they’re helping American patriots fund and support their own destruction by publishing this handy list.

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