Here’s the place for all of your high energy prayers and thoughts regarding liberty and freedom! Use it as inspiration when times are dark, or leave the most inspiring or energizing of comforting words here that you can for others to enjoy.

Please join us in a moment of daily prayer for the liberty and freedom of the United States and the world at 10 pm US Eastern time each night. May God hear and answer your heartfelt prayers.

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Thoughts and Prayers from Our Visitors

Heavenly Father, please watch over and protect our President as he battles the many forces of corruption and evil spread across our great country and the world. Help ALL Patriots who fight alongside him with their words and those in the military forces with their weapons, that we may bring about days of future peace. – Jane, MI

Not a praying guy but I do believe in the power of positive energy and the good that can come when freedom-loving people get together and speak up for what’s right. Keep up the good work you guys. – jim in sunny AZ