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Fun Facts About Joy in Liberty’s Projects

QAnon, whom we support, has linked twice to tweets highlighting our projects, and we’re truly humbled and grateful:

  • QAnon post #4194 – Q promoted a tweet that linked to our world map.
  • QAnon post #4266 – Q promoted a tweet that replied to the same tweet from drop 4194, and referred to our WeWake.life social network, which we hadn’t even mentioned publicly yet!

We’ve helped over 10,000 patriots in over 100 countries gather and work together for good.


WeWake.Life: Patriots-Only Social Network

WeWake.life is a social network whose mission is to help people work together to inspire the world to live freely and find joy in liberty.

“Nothing is more powerful than the public being awake and collectively free-thinking / talking / etc.” – QAnon

WeWake.life launched in May 2020 and has over 2,000 members.

What Makes WeWake Special?

  • We protect you. We carefully review every registration form that gets submitted. We want you to feel like WeWake is your home.
  • We protect your right to free speech. Say whatever you want on WeWake. As long as it doesn’t call for violence, contain pornography, harass others or break any laws, we won’t censor it.
  • We’ll protect your privacy. We’ll never sell your personal information. You can hide your profile from our member directory.
  • We get things done. No “echo chamber” here. We have dozens of groups where people gather to discuss what’s important in their state or country – and actually make change happen.
  • We have FUN. Streaming movie nights, funny post reaction icons, special member badges! We love to laugh.

Sign up for free at WeWake.life


Trump Rally Map – 2020 Election

Our Trump rally tracker lets you see all Trump rallies on a big, beautiful map.

For each rally, you can view related photos and stories, and even add your own!


World Map of QAnon Supporters

Over 8,000 people in more than 100 countries have added themselves to our free WWG1WGA map.

We got the idea for the map from a Twitter thread by @RainbowFairy12 that QAnon linked to in March 2020.

It’s anonymous unless you choose to share your name or a social link, and you can place your map marker anywhere you like.

It’s a wonderful way to show the powerful spirit of WWG1WGA – “where we go one, we go all.”


QAnon Research and Tools

  • QAnon Research – 68+ articles and websites about QAnon, for beginners and advanced researchers alike.
  • QAnon Topics – our “QAnon encyclopedia” master list of 30+ pages about QAnon, the Great Awakening, the deep state, President Donald Trump, and many related topics.
  • About QAnon – a basic overview of the topic of QAnon.
  • Who is QAnon? – A breakdown of Q’s identity – what we know and what we don’t.
  • Read QAnon Posts – We discuss 5 of our favorite free websites where you can read every Q “drop” (nearly 4,000 as of April 2020).
  • QAnon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • QAnon History: The story of Q, from 2017 until today.
  • QAnon Predictions – Can Q predict the future? What has Q predicted? (The answers may surprise you.)
  • QAnon Proofs – Evidence claiming to prove QAnon’s authenticity, plus our analysis.
  • QAnon Deltas – Our analysis of the differences between QAnon’s posting times versus President Trump’s tweets, and what they may tell us.
  • QAnon Music – songs and musical works about QAnon, “the Storm,” and the “Great Awakening.”
  • QAnon Experiences – Personal stories about QAnon, submitted by the public.

And much more.


QAnon Encyclopedia: All Drops PLUS Community-Powered Research and Q&A

Our QAnon Drops area has ALL of Q’s posts, plus forms to add your own questions, comments and answers for each drop!


Free Book: How to Think for Yourself

We’re writing “Joy in Liberty: How to Think for Yourself.” Learn more.


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