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Q 101: Basic Information About Q for Beginners

Who or what is Q? Is Q conspiracy theory or truth? Start learning now.

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There are many “Q proofs,” or claims that Q (or “Q”) is an authentic source of true information. On the other hand, many sources claim that Q is a conspiracy theory, a LARP (live-action role player), or even a religion.


What is Q? Who is Q?

Q is one or more persons who have posted anonymously at 4chan, 8chan and 8kun since 2017, claiming to work with President Donald Trump to make the public aware of longstanding corruption within DC elite circles, Hollywood, powerful corporations and even organized religions. The raising of worldwide awareness about this corruption is referred to by Q as a “Great Awakening” that is empowering ordinary people to make the world a happier, safer place. Who is Q?


The Story of Q: A History of Q from the Beginning (October 28, 2017)

Visit our free Q history research area and learn about Q in much more detail, or click the image below to visit The Story of Q.

Q History


Q Proofs Analysis: Can You Prove Q is Real or Fake?

We’ve published free reviews of many possible Q “proofs.” Believers say the evidence is overwhelming that Q is legit; skeptics say these claims are ridiculous. Study the analysis for each claim and make up your own mind.