You’re in the right place to learn about QAnon.

Who is QAnon? Is Q a LARP (live-action role player)? Read our QAnon FAQ.

The MSM (mainstream media) sure wants you to think Q’s fake and/or dangerous. They love to point out that many things Q has predicted haven’t happened.

To call Q a fraud because they’ve made predictions that haven’t come true yet is to completely miss the boat.

Q has never claimed to be a prognosticator.

And, Q has frequently indicated that they post false or misleading info from time to time.

I don’t think Q’s a LARP, mainly because they don’t behave like one. They might be. But as I’ve studied Q’s drops for years, I have learned a great deal about corruption in the world.

The real question for me is: What’s so dangerous about what Q has said, that the whole MSM paints them and anyone who studies their material as a cult / insane, while discouraging further inquiry into what they’ve actually said?

When it comes to learning about QAnon, you should think for yourself and trust yourself. Don’t just take my word for it, or believe the MSM without question.

Please use our free QAnon research to help you make up your own mind about Q.

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