If you support QAnon and could give one piece of advice to other QAnon supporters, what would it be?

Joy in Liberty asked this question about QAnon advice on Twitter in August 2020 and the responses were wonderful.

Here are some of the best pro-QAnon tips for Q patriots.

  1. Be peaceful but don’t back down.
  2. Pray.
  3. Take time for yourself.
  4. Honor your commitment.
  5. Be prepared to let go. Accept that some features of our lives will never be what they were… even the things we liked. Mourn and let them go. It is all for the best. We go into the new world with empty hands and an open mind.
  6. Be patient – be steady – be strong – be grounded.
  7. Spread love and love will spread.
  8. Don’t let the haters take you down.
  9. Wear a piece of Q clothing and/or a piece of MAGA clothing everyday. You will meet more anons and Patriots locally.
  10. STAY PEACEFUL no matter how angry you get. CONTROL!
  11. Tell your story of how your eyes were opened to what is going on.
  12. Stock up on food.
  13. Learn to discern which thoughts are your own and which thoughts have been inserted by others (i.e., from advertising to news reports to psyops).
  14. We must quit fighting our neighbors, we have a real invisible enemy. Good vs Evil.
  15. Be the Best. Be the Heroes.
  16. You are blazing a trail where the footlights fail. You see in [their] dark. As you are the storm, you are also the illumination.
  17. Trust yourself and pray for discernment.
  18. Trust Trump. Trust the growing army of Patriots worldwide. Trust that you are never alone in this fight.
  19. Stop all pettiness.
  20. Keep on going.
  21. Fear not. Stay strong!  Be patient and resilient and trust the plan. At the same time prepare for war and/or a safe space for exodus.
  22. Enjoy the show, but stay alert. See something, say something.
  23. Be discerning.
  24. Be bold.
  25. Pray. God is with the patriots, Trump & USA.
  26. Be ready, unite and fight like your life and all of ours depend on it. It does.
  27. Put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior.
  28. Don’t do what the Democrats & MSM want you to do in becoming violent. It would only prove them right.
  29. Pray like you’ve never prayed in your life. If you never pray, please, for yourself, for your country, begin to pray. Start each morning and end each day with prayer. Pray with your spouse, your children, your coworkers, and your neighbors. Pray, pray, pray.
  30. Expose corruption little by little, daily. Wear down the opposition with repeated truths in proper context.
  31. WRWY (We Are With You) and WWG1WGA (where we go one, we go all) do not dilute by being stated repeatedly. They become stronger statements every day.
  32. Note first who are screaming themselves hoarse against the Q movement. Take heart in knowing that YOU know why.
  33. It’s not just about you. Serve others.
  34. Enjoy life. Do not let evil ruin your mood. Make sure you exercise and sleep well and keep your immune system high.
  35. Pay attention to truth. Stop being distracted by [them] & their fear tactics. Logic over emotions.
  36. Take control of the narrative. Create your own art, writings, stuff. We are the news now. We are the media now.
  37. Make your voice heard!
  38. Take time to reflect on the love & light in each of us. Take time to recharge so you stay the bright being that you are. We are truly made in the likeness of our creator. Remember… #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE
  39. Raise your vibration!
  40. Believe that God is working even if you don’t see it.
  41. Pray for the Best, Prepare for the worst.
  42. Verify! Verify! Verify!
  43. Don’t take the bait! Remain non-violent no matter what (unless it’s to defend yourself or your family of course).
  44. Don’t spread yourself too thin by engaging in too many areas of battle…follow Twain’s advice about arguing with fools, don’t get diverted off course!
  45. When we have the momentum, use it to our advantage.
  46. Have faith in our humanity. Keep believing in the greater good! #GODWINS
  47. We’ve all had adequate warning of what could happen in the coming days. Don’t get caught off guard. Be smart, be safe, have patients, prepare for the worst and when your done praying, pray some more…don’t shame the non followers. Most can’t comprehend and have been misguided!!
  48. Backup EVERYTHING you wanna keep
  49. Pray for discernment daily ask God to shine light into all situations so that you receive pure truth.
  50. It’s not possible to cover oneself from all angles. You need to make priorities. As long as you stock up on food, you are good. You buy time, and you are not forced to comply to their demands. If you have seeds for growing, make sure you preserve them for re-use. Buy ammo + guns.
  51. Get everyone to vote in person.
  52. Learn to Research.
  53. Stay in God’s word daily. Study Ephesians 6:10-20.
  54. Be alert, calm, strong, smart & faithful. Do not be violent, destructive, or irrational. If we fight using their tactics we will lose every time.

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