Austin Steinbart QAnon related posts have appeared only a few times since QAnon’s first post in October 2017.

QAnon Austin Steinbart Posts: Topic Summary

According to QAnon, Austin Steinbart cannot possibly be Q.

In post 3902 on Mar 26, 2020, QAnon reposted an image from post 513 (Jan 8, 2018), in which Q had established two emphatic ground rules for their communications operation to the public:

1. “No private comms past/present/future.” In other words, QAnon isn’t going to talk privately to any regular citizen or anon about their mission or answer the question, “Who is QAnon?

2. “NO comms made outside this platform.” (8chan, and later 8kun, were always verified by Q as secure posting outlets.)

Watch Austin Steinbart, QAnon Impersonator

Austin Steinbart has repeatedly claimed to be Q since starting a series of YouTube videos on QAnon in January 2020.

These claims are clearly false, and quite frankly, are potentially damaging to the credibility of all QAnon supporters.

The mainstream media (MSM) has been all too happy to pounce on Steinbart and use him as a poster boy for their fake portrayal of QAnon followers as crazy or even violent. Example.

Thanks to @RainbowFairy12 for the hilarious meme of Austin Steinbart!

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