What are QAnon deltas? In mathematics, the delta is a symbol for the difference between two values. When we’re studying Q, we can look at the timestamps of QAnon’s posts and compare them to President Trump’s tweets to see if this offers any clues as to whether they’re working together.

On January 21, 2020, the following synchronicity occurred:

Basically, Q posted, and less than one minute later, the President posted. Q then called out this occurrence.

This has now happened nearly 40 times since October 2017, when Q started posting.

At this point, it seems strange that the White House wouldn’t publicly denounce or disavow any “conspiracy theories” suggesting that Trump is in league with QAnon, given the potential risk it would pose were Q to suddenly post anti-Trump content.

Download a spreadsheet containing data about all of QAnon’s posts and President Trump’s published tweets from October 28,2017 to December 19, 2019.

Download spreadsheet (1.5 MB, XLSX format) or click the image below.

qanon deltas trump spreadsheet

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