QAnon Easter drops (or posts) are rare. (Although our WWG1WGA world map of QAnon supporters did explode in popularity on Easter Sunday, 2020.)

In fact, Q has never mentioned Easter by name, although Q’s posts do reflect a belief in the truth of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, and in Jesus Christ (example).

The closest thing to an actual Easter QAnon post has been this:

On Jan 29, 2018, in reference to the upcoming State of the Union Address, an anon had posted: “Maybe Q can work the phrase “tip top” into the SOTU as a shout out to the board?”

On Monday, April 2, 2018, the day after Easter Sunday, at the annual White House Easter Egg roll, President Donald Trump gave a short speech in which he described the WH as being kept in “tip top shape” or “tippy top shape,” while flanked by a person wearing a full-size Easter bunny costume. (We’ll write about the topic of white rabbits more in the future.)

QAnon then confirmed that POTUS had said “tip top” and “tippy top” to fulfill the anon’s request.

Ask yourself – if you were the President, and you didn’t control #QAnon, wouldn’t you be worried that they might turn against you – especially given that a growing number of people believed they were repeatedly confirming working with you?

We invite you to do more QAnon research and, as always, to think for yourself.

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