I discovered Q after my friend told me what WWG1WGA meant. I had seen the word “QAnon” prior but never looked into it. As soon as I did after my friend told me, I immediately knew it was legitimate.

It’s just so painfully obvious Q is real. With the hundreds of Q proofs aside, just the sheer fact of how much hate Trump gets and how many people are trying to stop him, no shit this is the result of Trump dismantling a satanic cabal. I can see exactly how I was being brainwashed by the MSM. It’s heard mentally.

Unless you seriously look into something for yourself, you believe the narrative the majority follow. I assumed what I was being told was the truth. I was skeptical sometimes of certain things, but I mostly went along with what was being said. I voted for Trump and always liked him. Sometimes he would say stuff and the media would spin it and I’d disagree with the media. It wasn’t until learning the full truth I realized WHY everything was happening the way it was.

My views on nearly everything have completely flipped. Nothing is the same to me anymore. But it was for the best. Our whole world is going to change and I am ready.


Source: Anon, 1/30/2020.

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