If you’re suffering in silence, this poem is for you.
Dedicated to Patriots. People who do
what they can for their country, their family, their faith.
Wherever you are, or whatever the case:

Patriot, listen. I know you’re in pain.
You’re nursing a wound as you walk through the rain …

A wound no one knows how to heal or explain
Except God, who saw fit to call you to fight
When you’re already tired, and hurting, tonight.

But …

Hold your head up. Hold it proud. Hold it high.
We need you. we NEED you. And by “we” I mean “I” …

Yes, I. Yes, it’s selfish, but need you I do.
I need you to push. To stay strong. To be true
to the oath that you took, or the pledge, or the plunge –
That commitment to country to hold in your lungs
The sweet song of freedom, no matter the cost.
For if you slow down now, or stop, what is lost?

“God wins. We know that. But who chooses that side?
For how long must we simply let evil things slide
While we wait for the good guys, while evil guys hide!
While kids, dammit, KIDS, are still dying inside!”

I know. It’s so awful. There’s no end in sight
to the foul, the filthy, the shittiest night.
But all we can do is pick up the fight.
Stand shoulder to shoulder. Stand up for what’s right.

#FaithInHumanity. Faith in God’s might.
Hope for the future. Love for the light.

I need YOU, right now, Patriot! I’m feeling faint …
But I see your brightness, your boldness, your strength.
Your beauty’s the beauty of PATRIOT dream.
You’re gleaming the gleam of the morning’s first beam.

Together INVINCIBLE. Unite and stand tall!
Where we go one, we mean it. We do.