What is QAnon? What is Q?

QAnon is not a thing – Q is a person, or group of people. (As of January 2020, WIkipedia still incorrectly calls QAnon a “conspiracy theory” – Q isn’t a theory at all.)

As of January 2020, no public announcement has been made regarding the identity of QAnon. Based on Q’s own self-descriptions, QAnon is a team of “Patriots,” or patriotic Americans with conservative political and moral values that align with those of the Founding Fathers of the United States.


What does QAnon talk about?

You can read all of Q’s posts at a number of websites such as qmap.pub.


Is there conclusive proof that QAnon is really who they claim to be?

We analyze QAnon proof claims. Our conclusion is that yes, Q is honest, based on numerous examples we’ve studied. However, if by “conclusive” you mean ironclad evidence like a public Trump speech in which the President explicitly says QAnon is a legitimate information source who works closely with Donald Trump, then no – no such proof exists.


Is there conclusive proof that QAnon’s claims regarding a global cabal of evildoers are true?

There is a mountain of evidence suggesting that the world is largely run by corrupt organizations and individuals, and perhaps has been for a long time. However, some of the very entities Q accuses of wrongdoing are in control of the mainstream media (MSM) and the most prevalent social media websites and apps, so it stands to reason that they would speak ill of Q regardless of whether they’re guilty as charged.

We’ve analyzed some QAnon proofs.

Do your own research; make up your own mind.


Is Q a cult? Are QAnon’s followers or believers simply brainwashed or gullible fanatics?

No, Q isn’t a cult, religious or otherwise. Q’s an anonymous forum poster calling for increased public awareness of corruption among the elite. Anyone who believes we all ought to know more about who really has power over us aligns with Q on this point, whether they like Q or not.

I don’t think Q’s supporters are anything like a cult, any more than LeBron James’s basketball fans or those who love Radiohead, Oprah or Chick-Fil-A.
Why would the MSM want you to think Q is a cult leader?

Does Q encourage violence?

Absolutely not. Numerous Q posts have called for a peaceful solution to global corruption. The mainstream media (MSM) has repeatedly painted most supporters of Q as being violent or mentally ill, but no evidence exists to support these claims.


How can I learn more about QAnon?

We’ve got a free QAnon studies and QAnon history research area.