QAnon Fed (Federal Reserve) related posts have appeared dozens of times since Q’s first post in October 2017.

QAnon Fed Posts: Topic Summary

According to Q, the Federal Reserve will be restructured under the direction of President Trump, and the gold standard will eventually destroy the Fed.

For a long time, the Fed, along with the IRS and hundreds of central banks worldwide, has essentially been owned and controlled by the Rothschild family, perhaps in connection with other elite ruling families.

Q describes the Federal Reserve as “a privately-owned company, sitting on its very own patch of land, immune to the US laws” (Q post 138 – Nov 11, 2017 – see source list below).

See 68+ Q research resources for critical thinkers – many of them contain relevant information about the Fed / Q connection.

Every Q drop Related to the Fed, in One Massive Image

QAnon research sources: Q drops related to the Federal Reserve

  • Q post 3904 – March 27, 2020 – QAnon links to a tweet that cites a Yahoo News repost of the Bloomberg op-ed piece discussing the restructuring of the Fed under the direction of President Trump.
  • Q post 3393 – Jul 9, 2019 – Q links to a CBS News article discussing how Judy Shelton, Trump’s latest pick for the Fed’s board of governors, believes in the importance of returning to the gold standard.
  • Q post 2658 – Q mentions that one of the fake news MSM narratives to oppose Trump will be, “[Use FED to inc rates to counter growth and project POTUS blame]” – as noted below, this didn’t actually end up happening, implying that Trump and compatriots countered it preemptively.
  • Q post 2575 – Dec 10, 2018 – “The plan to have the FED raise rates [steep incline beginning Mar 2019] in an effort to ‘kill’ the economy prior to 2020 P_elec is known and planned for. Structure change coming?” See this chart – in 2019, the Fed actually lowered rates throughout the year, suggesting victories by Trump and the patriots.
  • Q post 2619 – Dec 12, 2018 – “Gold shall destroy FED.”
  • Q post 1695 – Jul 25, 2018 – Q links to two articles discussing Trump’s gradual takeover of the Fed and says, “We will never again be under their control.”
  • Q post 1694 – Jul 25, 2018 – Q links to an article about POTUS taking control over the Federal Reserve.
  • Q post 1194 – Apr 19, 2018 – QAnon responds to an anon’s question about whether the Federal Reserve was ending or would soon end, with a simple one-word answer: “Structure.”
  • Q post 138 – Nov 11, 2017 – “FACT: US Federal Reserve is a privately-owned company, sitting on its very own patch of land, immune to the US laws.”


Watch Videos about Q and the Fed / Federal Reserve

  • X22 Report – Mar 27, 2020 – 14-minute video detailing the structural changes at the Fed under President Trump.
  • Praying Medic – Mar 27, 2020 – 14-minute video walking through the latest Q posts and how they connect to the Fed.

Other QAnon Fed research sources

  • @PunishDem1776 research thread detailing the connection between the sinking of the Titanic and the creation of the Fed