QAnon gold standard posts have appeared a few times since Q’s first post in October 2017.

QAnon Gold Standard Posts: Topic Summary

According to Q, the gold standard in the United States will be restored under the direction of President Trump, and it will eventually destroy the Fed.

Under President Richard Nixon in the early 1970s, the gold standard was effectively abolished, and replaced by a fiat standard in which our dollars are backed by faith alone.

Since 2017, Q has described a nefarious longstanding plot to control the world via the central banking system, and the power of everyday people to restore justice by exposing corruption among the elites.

The standard of money returning to gold rather than fiat marks an important inflection point in that restoration.

Every Q drop Related to the Gold Standard

We’ve got notes on these two Q posts below, to help you understand what they mean.

As always, do your own research and think for yourself.

QAnon research sources: Q drops related to the Gold Standard

  • Q post 3393 – Jul 9, 2019 – Q links to a CBS News article about Judy Shelton, a Trump pick for the Fed’s board of governors who supports a national return to the gold standard.
  • Q post 2619 – Dec 12, 2018 – “Gold shall destroy FED.” Q implies that the return of the gold standard, as championed and orchestrated by Trump and those working with him in the Q team, the military, the NSA and other agencies, will effectively destroy the Federal Reserve as we know it.