Q supporter interviews are rare in the mainstream media (MSM). (Who is Q?)

Well, this ain’t the MSM! Here, we actually want to talk openly and accurately about Q in a fair way, and explore the real impact Q is having on the lives of people in the United States and worldwide.

A Q Supporter Tweets, Q Responds

On March 9, 2020, Q linked to this tweet by @rainbowfairy12 (archived link):

I’ve made an attempt to gather as many Q -related photographs from around the world as I can. Anons with signs, signs standing alone, all with identifiable landscape/architecture/location.

Little did she know, she was about to “get Q’d” – linked to by Q.

We caught up with RainbowFairy12 for an interview about her experience, her perspective, and her hopes for the Q movement, also known as the WWG1WGA movement or The Great Awakening.

@JoyInLiberty: What led you to publish the tweet Q linked to?

@RainbowFairy12: When Martha Maccallum asked everyone on Twitter for questions to ask POTUS during the Fox News Town Hall, I (and many others, including Praying Medic) told her to ask the Q.

Some random guy responding to Praying Medic said “Who gives a flip about Q?” I replied to his comment with, “More than you think” and I added a few pictures I thought were really great. They were anons from all over the world.

And then I thought, “Wow, these pictures really show how big and positive this movement is. It reaches every country, race, religion, any identity group you can imagine.”

“I need to make this BIGGER. I need to gather as many pictures as I can. What an awesome thread that would make! If only for myself. If only to respond to those who would say “Who cares about Q? Qanons are fringe nutjobs.”

@JoyInLiberty: What was the most surprising photo that you saw in the replies?

@RainbowFairy12: I got a picture from Venezuela that seemed incredible. I had no idea anybody there was able to access Twitter. Someone sent me a picture of an Emmy Award with a #WWG1WGA and I was shocked. Also, I know this is all about Q, but the one with that Moroccan landscape is absolutely breathtaking.

@JoyInLiberty: Did you ever think Q would link to that tweet? What did it feel like when Q did? How did you find out?

@RainbowFairy12: I think every anon dreams of getting Q’ed, so it’s hard not to speculate about what that would feel like. When I was writing it, I never imagined Q would link to it until @ChristinePolon1 suggested it might. And then I started hoping that would happen, because what a mind-blowing moment!

How do you wrap your head around the fact that the people saving the world took notice of you and shared what you did? That they thought it was worth a QDrop? There’s no greater honor.

When I got Q’ed, it felt incredibly humbling. I felt like I didn’t deserve it. So many anons have spent years researching, writing, red-pilling, and I got Q’ed based on a few hours of work.

It also felt like this huge mix of thoughts and feelings scrambled in my brain. “Why me? What did I do so right? OMG, I’M A QDROP FOREVER! POTUS probably saw this! SQUEE! Oh man, I can’t tell ANYone! Most people I know don’t know I even follow Q!”

@JoyInLiberty: Tell me more about when you posted the thread on Twitter and how that played out.

@RainbowFairy12: I posted the thread late, at around 4 AM local time, and it immediately took off. I was so thrilled, I stayed up until 9 or 10 AM reading comments.

Anons started sending me more pictures, so I added a few more. I went to bed exhausted, and dreaming that it might get Q’ed.

I slept in until 2 pm later that day, and when I got up, I saw a notification on my phone from the QDrops app. And then I thought “Could it possibly be?? Is it too much to dream??”

When I saw it, I started screaming, shrieking, blood-curdling screams. I immediately called my husband, but I couldn’t form sentences.

He was on his way home from work, and with me screaming that way, he thought I was being murdered! LOL!

He said he was about to swerve onto the side of the road and use it to drive past the traffic to get to me!

But I managed to get a few scattered words out, and told him Q posted the thread. (I had told him before I went to bed that I had posted it.)

@JoyInLiberty: How did you first come across Q?

@RainbowFairy12: I still have the original text message my husband’s cousin sent us. I had already been through the depressing experience of Pizzagate, so when I looked up Qanon, it didn’t seem crazy at all to me.

A couple of weeks after I received the text message, I decided to start actually digging into it beyond a quick google search. I started with Praying Medic’s beginner video.

@JoyInLiberty: What’s something a lot of people don’t understand about Q or the pro-Q movement?

@RainbowFairy12: People have no idea how much evidence anons are sitting on. They think it’s ALL crazy theories and wild speculation. Sure, there’s speculation, because the nature of this military intelligence operation forces the Q Team to keep their plans from the enemy.

And so we speculate, trying to fill in the gaps. But the primary claims made by Q and the team are all backed by mountains of evidence.

There’s a shadow government running the world, they’re depraved, evil individuals, and we can prove it.

@JoyInLiberty: When you discovered Q, how much of what Q said aligned with your existing worldview?

@RainbowFairy12: When I first found Q, I thought Bush was a decent president. I thought the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were justified. I didn’t realize there was a sophisticated global shadow government. I thought Princess Di simply died in a car crash, and that the Royal Family in the UK was good. I didn’t know that the media was constantly trying to divide us and start fights. I didn’t know that the CIA was horribly corrupt from top to bottom.

I questioned some of the official narratives from the media, but I wasn’t able to see through as many of the lies then as I can today.

@JoyInLiberty: How difficult was it for you to change your perspective to accommodate Q’s discussions?

@RainbowFairy12: It wasn’t difficult for me to change my opinions on things. My dad was always one to question the narrative, when he was still alive. So I had a pretty open mind going into it, especially since someone I trusted introduced it to me.

A massive THANK YOU to @RainbowFairy12 for her willingness to share her thoughts and experiences with Joy in Liberty! Go say hi to her on our social network!