QAnon mask mandates posts (also called “drops” or crumbs”) have occasionally appeared during Q’s posting history since 2017.

Here’s a breakdown of all the times mask QAnon posts have appeared (read QAnon posts):

QAnon Mask Post #1: May 17, 2018 (drop 1395)

In QAnon post 666, Q said:

Clowns wear masks.

QAnon was probably referring to the CIA, or Central Intelligence Agency, to which Q has often referred as “Clowns In America.”

However, it’s not a stretch to say that Q would agree that clowns – insincere people and leaders – in many cases want to enforce mask wearing amid the COVID-19 pandemic, to control people’s minds and intimidate them into compliance.

QAnon Mask Post #2: May 5, 2020 (drop 4111)

In QAnon post 4111, Q said:

Will you follow the narrative?

Along with this question, Q posted a link to a Washington Post tweet that said, “Masks are here to stay. And they’re quickly becoming a way to express ourselves.”

That tweet linked to a WaPo article discussing the positive cultural aspects of mask wearing.

Keeping in mind that the WaPo is essentially a corrupt, vile, propaganda arm of the deep state and the CIA, read this quote from the article:

“Of course, the face mask is political because both the president and the vice president have refused to wear one on highly public occasions and because some protesters have insinuated that masks are un-American.”

Q’s question can apply to all situations in which we’re faced with a choice whether to comply with a narrative presented to us by people and organizations in power. But it has particular relevance to the question of wearing a mask during the #covid19 epidemic / “plandemic.”

More QAnon Mask Posts: May 2020 (several Q drops)

Several QAnon mask drops from May 2020 add to our understanding of Q’s position on this controversial topic:

  • QAnon drop 4218: link to a Matt Zawadzki tweet showing members of the media removing masks when not on air.
  • QAnon drop 4222: Q posts a a photo, or a screenshot of a photo (original source?), of press members with masks off while cameras are off. Q says:
    “Cameras on = masks on
    Cameras off – masks off”
  • QAnon drop 4250: Q posts a photo showing President Donald Trump and one military leader not wearing a mask, while Dr. Fauci and other officials wear masks. Q then says:
    “It’s time to end the horror show.
    It’s time to stand [lead by example].
    Enough have seen [domino effect].
    [note: who wears a mask and who does not]”
  • QAnon drop 4292: Q posts a photo of President Trump maskless, with Dr. Fauci who is wearing a face mask. Q says only one word: “Reconcile.” Q also links to this tweet by an anon who shares the following:Why was Dr. Fauci, a health expert, just a few months ago telling us masks were harmful & unessential to those of us who aren’t infected?Why do we need masks now!?
    What’s changed since March?S52 E23 – Air Date: March 8th, 2020The anon then shares a 60 Minutes Overtime video clip showing Dr. Fauci explaining the ineffectiveness of public mask wearing in a pandemic.
  • QAnon drop 4296: Q posts two screenshots from a YouTube White House video channel page showing that the press in the briefing room at the White House went from not wearing masks on May 6, 2020 to wearing masks on May 8. Q then says:
    “May 6, 2020 _masks off
    May 8, 2020 _masks on

QAnon seems to be implying the the Democrats, who are controlled by the Deep State, are the ones pushing the media to wear masks for political reasons, in a desperate attempt to politicize the matter and turn public support away from President Trump.

QAnon Mask Post: June 2020

In Q drop 4548, on June 30, 2020, QAnon highlights the hypocrisy of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio releasing 650+ prison inmates while also ordering masks be worn by the public. Q asks:

Does a combination of prisoner release + ‘mask’ mandate(s) provide for a more dangerous environment to citizens?

What do you think? Does QAnon have foreknowledge of current events (see QAnon coronavirus information), or access to insider information about mask mandates and other hot-button topics? (And how often does QAnon post right before Trump?)

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