QAnon MSM coverage (mainstream media reports and portrayals of QAnon) has been overwhelmingly negative since Q began posting in October 2017.

There are two major possible reasons for this:

1. QAnon is fake, a LARP, and/or dangerous.

2. QAnon is real – authentic – and presents a threat to corruption in the MSM.

How can you determine which is right?

Think for yourself. Study QAnon predictions and QAnon proofs. Do QAnon research.

Don’t let the MSM dictate your beliefs or interests.

MSM QAnon Coverage Examples

Did you know that between October 2017 and October 2019, over 1,450 MSM articles (archive) were published about QAnon?

And that virtually zero of those articles painted QAnon in a neutral or positive light?

A typical MSM report on Q is chock full of misleading or false information. Here’s an example. The article calls Q a “fringe far-right movement,” lumping QAnon themselves in together with anyone claiming to believe what QAnon says.

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