What are the worst issues currently faced by the pro-QAnon community?

Here’s a carefully considered list of 17 frustrating challenges that Q supporters currently face – plus, possible solutions for every single one.

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Problem #1: Ignorance Among QAnon Followers

Do you know what QAnon posts say? Do you know who QAnon is? Can you tie a knot in a cherry stem, or tell me all about Leif Erikson?

The less you know about Q, the easier it becomes for others – including the mainstream media (MSM) – to lie to you or other people about Q.

Solution: Study more. Read QAnon posts. No excuses – it’s free and publicly available.

Problem #2: Ignorance Among Everybody Else About QAnon

Did you know that between October 2017 and October 2019, over 1,450 MSM articles (archive) were written about QAnon?

And that almost none of those articles painted QAnon in a positive or even neutral way?

A typical QAnon MSM article is rife with false or misleading information. Here’s an example calling Q a “fringe far-right movement,” conflating QAnon themselves with people claiming to believe what QAnon says.

Solution: Talk about QAnon. Don’t be afraid to do it. Get on social media, get out in public offline, and open your mouth.

Set the record straight, and correct false impressions and incorrect assumptions about QAnon when you see them.

Just make sure you’ve studied first, so you know what you’re talking about. As they say on the chans: “lurk moar.”

Problem #3: Not Understanding the QAnon "The Storm" Connection

If you don’t know what “the calm before the storm” means, or what “The Storm” refers to, how can you participate effectively in it?

Solution: Study QAnon history. Read about “the calm before the storm.”

Bonus: Read the script for White Squall (1996) – no, really – do it. And watch the trailer:

Problem #4: Negative / Inaccurate MSM QAnon Portrayal

What it says on the tin – MSM badmouthing and denigration of QAnon and their followers.

Solution: Counter it all with the truth.

Be calm but passionate.

There are so many pro-QAnon people who just don’t make noise about it for various reasons.

Problem #5: Anti-QAnon Mobs

The good ol’ anti-QAnon crowd.

Solution: These guys will never go away, and in a way, it’s healthy for debate – but the solution is for the most part, to “kill with kindness” (QAnon’s mission is a peaceful operation!) and to counter arguments with facts and sources.

Problem #6: Too Much Exclusivity

Some QAnon supporters forget how much there is to learn, and don’t make their content accessible to the unfamiliar.

Solution: QAnon continually calls for openness. It’s nice to have our own lingo, but we need to reach out to “normies” more.

Problem #7: QAnon Fake Insiders / Wannabes / Imposters

Ahem – Austin Steinbart.

Solution: Don’t be gullible.

Problem #8: QAnon Community In-Fighting

Dustin Nemos and Joe M had a big argument about book profits. See also Austin Steinbart above. There’s too much of this.

Solution: Accept the fact that while QAnon supporters agree on major goals like ending corruption, there’s still a wide array of belief systems and agendas that we have in our personal backgrounds. We’re never going to agree on everything.

Problem #9: Shills

This is an extremely insidious and pervasive problem. Some folks are paid to infiltrate the pro-QAnon movement and pretend to be Q supporters, and then spread rumors and fake information so it’ll get picked up by the MSM.

Solution: Maintain healthy skepticism, and build trust carefully.

Problem #10: Pride

Pride goeth before a fall, as the Bible says.

Solution: Remember, there’s room for more – a lot more – people on board this train. Just because you learned about QAnon years ago and your friend is just now hearing about it for the first time doesn’t give you any special rights.

Problem #11: Apophenia: Seeing Connections That Don’t Exist

Apophenia means seeing connections that aren’t there. This makes it easy for opponents to put imaginary tin foil hats on our heads and brand us all conspiracy theorist whackadoos.

Solution: Assume nothing.

To be clear – fun coincidences are fun! That’s totally fine.

Just be willing to admit that what you wish were true, and you know is true, are two separate considerations.

Example: I used “17” in my article heading – but that doesn’t make me QAnon (Q = the 17th letter in the English alphabet). Qanon + sense = QAnonsense, whoa!

Problem #12: NOT Seeing Connections that DO Exist

NOT seeing connections that ARE there means Patriots miss out on incredible insights.

Solution: Don’t dismiss or overlook anything – everything is not connected, but it might be – so study all you can.

Some I recently learned about were:

Problem #13: Lack of Collaboration

Lack of collaboration. Anons / Patriots being spread out like little coals – much easier to overwhelm and stamp out.

Solution: Build fires together with others.

Going it alone in your QAnon research or publishing efforts is admirable, but consider the phrase, “Many hands make light work.”

There truly is power in joining forces with others, whether in the “real world” or online, to study and discuss QAnon news and information.

Example: I did an interview with @RainbowFairy12 about getting mentioned by QAnon.

Problem #14: Lack of Time

Lack of time. With COVID-19 (coronavirus), the economy struggling, all our busy lives, etc., it can be hard to take time to study QAnon and take part in the “Great Awakening” of alerting people to corruption and their power to thwart it.

Solution: Set a manageable goal.

Maybe you listen to QAnon videos while jogging.

Maybe you get on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram late at night.

Maybe you lurk on 8kun directly.

Maybe you do what I’ve done and start a website discussing liberty and freedom.

Problem #15: Lack of Urgency (Apathy / Complacency)

Apathy – lack of urgency, complacency – not understanding “trust the plan.”

Solution: Stay up to date on QAnon news.

Problem #16: Distractions

Distraction – letting ourselves waste precious time.

Solution: Yes, laugh, let yourself enjoy momentary distractions – but then get back to focus.

Look inside yourself.

Decide to use your skills and get busy being productive in this fight.

If you believe in prayer, pray.

Problem #17: Fear and Discouragement

This may the biggest problem of all in the QAnon community: not understanding how much more powerful the everyday people are than the corrupt elites QAnon talks about so often.

“No mass arrests,” we may lament. That comes from a misunderstanding of the nature of the QAnon operation.

Solution: Hope – seek help and encouragement from others.

Keep studying. Never give up.

The power of the people becomes the means by which corruption is truly cured in the world:

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  1. Four of the major issues I see in the Qanon movement are:

    Two much emphasis on religious viewpoints and “connections”.
    I have nothing against Christianity.
    That is what this country was founded on.
    It seems to me that our goals can be achieved in a secular manner.
    This approach will be more inclusive.

    Too much speculation and hype.
    This builds up high expectations that may not be met.
    A good example of speculation and hype is that JFK Jr is alive and well,
    and he is either Q, part of Q, or the messiah.

    The Gematria and Numerology statements get tiresome fast.
    The number and letter decoders look for secret info that is not there.
    It is great to find a legit code, but sometimes they stretch it to the point of nonsense.
    Q proofs are a great way to establish a connection between Q and POTUS.

    Aliens are here on earth and they are doing X,Y,Z.
    Humans are more than capable of fouling up the world, without the help of spirits and beings from alleged alternate dimensions and universes.
    These type of fantasies are more silly distractions and speculation.

    These “side shows” make easy targets for the MSM.

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