QAnon proofs: We’ve got ’em here! Each of these proofs is extremely difficult to explain away as coincidence by itself.

Taken together, these pieces of evidence suggest that QAnon is able to coordinate Twitter posting times with the President, which in turn serves as evidence that Q is who they claim to be. While none of these “Q proofs” ultimately prove QAnon is authentic, studying them can help you decide whether Q’s telling the truth and whether they’re really working with the Trump White House.

Learn more about QAnon proof claims and whether Q is a trustworthy information source.

There are many instances in which QAnon’s posts appear to be confirmed by President Trump as authentic, but the four above are among the most difficult to disprove.

Ultimately, the most important question about QAnon is not whether QAnon is “real” (in other words, trustworthy) but rather, whether what Q talks about is worth investigating. The MSM (mainstream media), or those who own most of the MSM, have made it clear from the earliest days of Q’s postings that they don’t want you to look into this topic for yourself.

Why would that be?

As Q has said: “Think for yourself. Research for yourself. Trust yourself.”


QAnon Proofs Compilation #1

This excellent video by @QAnonProofs shares many more examples of evidence supporting the authenticity of QAnon.

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