QAnon Proof: “58 spaces” – February 21-22, 2018 – QAnon puts 58 consecutive empty spaces within square brackets, and the next day POTUS puts 18 consecutive empty spaces right after two sentences containing 40 spaces between words, for a total of 58 spaces.

Isn’t it interesting that the President included a string of empty spaces for no apparent reason in his tweet? ( link)

And why would there be exactly 18 empty spaces in a row, other than to total 58 including the 40 spaces between words in the preceding sentences?

To top it all off, why would Q, the day before, place exactly 58 empty spaces together within square brackets, if not to signify that POTUS would soon confirm Q’s authenticity in a similar way? (Q post #803)

There are many other instances in which QAnon’s posts appear to be confirmed by President Trump as authentic, but the four above are among the most difficult to disprove.

Ultimately, the question of whether QAnon is “real” (in other words, trustworthy) is far less important than the question of whether what Q talks about is worth investigating. The MSM (mainstream media), or those who own most of the MSM, have made it obvious from the earliest days of Q’s postings that they don’t want you to look into this topic for yourself.

Why would that be?

As Q has said: “Think for yourself. Research for yourself. Trust yourself.”

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