Where can you go online to “read Q drops” (sometimes called “crumbs”)? Here are some of the best resources.

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qagg.news - Read Q drops, get instant Q post alerts

qagg.news is an excellent website that aggregrates all of Q’s posts, offers a bunch of display options, and even plays a notification sound whenever Q publishes a new post on 8kun.

qresear.ch/q-posts - Read Q drops, research Q

qresear.ch is an amazing website that collects all of Q’s posts, plus a TON of other posts from 8kun’s Q research board.

qalerts.app - Read Q posts, get mobile Q notifications

qalerts.app is a fantastic website with a companion app that you can get for Android devices. iOS users can also grab an app called Pushed and hook it up to QAlerts to get instant notifications of new Q posts.

qanon.pub - Read Q posts, research Q themes

qanon.pub is one the oldest Q post aggregators, having started up soon after the first Q post in October 2017.

joyinliberty.com/q/drops/ - Read Q drops, community Q study

Joy in Liberty has our OWN community Q research area! And we’ve got ALL Q drops for you to read and add your own notes and questions!