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QAnon Research: Master List of Q Study Topics

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QAnon Research: Read QAnon Posts

Before you can really make up your mind about QAnon, you should read what Q has actually said – and know what Q hasn’t said!

Here are some of the best resources for reading Q posts (AKA to read Q drops).

QAnon History

Joy in Liberty’s own in-house list of our favorite websites and apps for reading Q’s posts. We keep it updated over time!

qagg-news-qanon-posts aggregrates all of Q’s posts, offers a bunch of display options, and even plays a notification sound whenever Q publishes a new post on 8kun. Read QAnon Posts is the most popular QAnon post aggregator, and it’s the one Q usually posts screenshots from when referring back to older Q posts. It features a variety of content areas and study helps, including acronym meanings (Q often posts only the initials of people’s names). read Q posts aggregator not only lets you read all of Q’s drops, but also lets you sort them in various ways. There’s even an analytics page with a bunch of amazing tools (we’ve added them to the study helps section in this QAnon research resource list). QAnon post alerts app is a fantastic website with a companion app that you can get for Android devices. iOS users can also grab an app called Pushed and hook it up to QAlerts to get instant notifications of new QAnon posts.


If I had a dollar for every hour I’ve spent scouring 8chan (now 8kun) … despite the media’s constant vitriol toward QAnon and 8kun (and, well, true free speech in general), the overall culture at 8kun is actually quite egalitarian and tolerant. It’s also where Q posts, as of March 2020. Lurk and learn!

QAnon Research: QAnon Study Helps

After you’ve read some QAnon posts, you’ll get hungry for some study helps! They add context, meaning and depth to your understanding of Q. Here are some of the best such tools.

QAnon Heatmap of Posting Days/Times

We love visualization tools like this! It gives you a sense of the days and times that QAnon is most likely or least likely to post online.


See the most popular words that QAnon uses in their posts. POTUS, the people, news, Patriots, public, time … you get the picture.

QAnon Filename Map: List of File Names

Sometimes the very filenames QAnon gives to image or other file uploads can give you clues to their meaning. This is a handy tool to view all of them.


Love this visualization tool! You can compare POTUS and Q post times and dates visually, and even see all the zero QAnon deltas (when QAnon posts one minute or less before Trump).

QAnon Glossary

Q often posts acronyms, initials and even cryptic symbols (+, ++ and +++ come to mind). This reference guide helps you understand what Q is saying.


Want to see all the forum threads where Q hangs out the most? This handy visual gallery helps you navigate through 8kun boards and “breads” (post threads) to find what anons are talking about, and to see Q’s actual posts right at their source.

Note: *NSFW* (NOT safe for work) – 8kun is a haven for free speech and as such, contains much content that may be offensive.


What’s a “notable?” Notables are posts on 8kun that multiple anons nominate, or that thread creators (“bakers”) choose to list, as noteworthy or important. So they’re (usually) the cream of the crop of the 8kun forums that QAnon appears at. This tool lets you view ALL QResearch board notables and even search them!

QAnon Research: QAnon FAQs and Basic Information

Don’t you just love FAQs? Frequently asked questions about QAnon are, well, pretty frequent. Funny thing is, apart from our own QAnon FAQ, I haven’t seen many worth sharing here. But here are a few links to basic information about Q – think QAnon 101, or Q for beginners. The grand opening to your very own QAnon research general store. You get the idea.


Just the kind of long, info-packed article we love. 🙂 Neon Revolt breaks down Q from the beginning.


One of the most popular Q videos. By Praying Medic, a well known Q supporter. 61 minutes of calm, methodical fun! PM walks you through Q very deliberately. This video was published in May 2018, when QAnon had only been posting for about six months.


A Joy in Liberty exploration of who QAnon is or might be, based on what we know from their posts and posting behavior. It ain’t me, I can tell ya that much.

QAnon Research: Personal QAnon Stories and Experiences

Many people have had wonderful personal experiences while researching QAnon’s drops (posts). I’m one of those people.

QAnon Supporter with WWG1WGA Sign at South Pole, Antarctica

Add your marker to the map! We’re trying to show the world how widespread and positive the QAnon supporter community really is. So far, dozens of people from many different countries (and even the South Pole) have been featured on our QAnon map.

QAnon Research: The History of QAnon

QAnon History

No matter what you think about QAnon, the story is a good one. You’ve gotta learn the history behind Q to really understand the importance and meaning of the pro-Q movement.

QAnon Research: Books About QAnon

Books about QAnon? Yes please!


A wildly successful book about QAnon (its Indiegogo campaign raised over $158,000). I haven’t read it (yet)! But Neon Revolt’s website is chock full of excellent analysis of Q and the surrounding movement.

QAnon History

If you’re interested, please let us know. You can also show your support for our QAnon research by donating. Thank you so much!

QAnon Research: QAnon Evidence and Proof

Is QAnon fake, a tool to fool the gullible and placate or take advantage of the masses? Or is it real and truly part of a worldwide revolution pulling down longstanding (perhaps even ancient) cabals of elite power? These study resources can help you figure it out for yourself.


Over 600 pages of material covering a wide array of possible proofs of QAnon’s authenticity.


Nearly 2 hours, in an awesome English accent (sorry, I’m a boring American), dissecting dozens of pieces of evidence for Q’s legitimacy. One of my very favorite “redpill” resources regarding Q. The author is on Twitter: @QAnonProofs


A fantastic resource for viewing many different possible confirmations of Q in one place.


We’re working on our own in-house QAnon research project: a careful analysis of dozens of the most interesting “QAnon proofs” (spoiler alert: some are duds, some are extremely convincing). Not every mention of the letter 17 (Q is the 17th letter of the English alphabet) means Q is working with Trump, of course. But there are some synchronicities or “coincidences” which defy normal explanation as a mere conspiracy theory. We are breaking them down one by one as we find them.

QAnon Research: News About QAnon

News talking about QAnon, or news by QAnon – we want to help you find it.


Voat is like Reddit’s outcast stepbrother. It’s a haven/bastion for free speech, but that also make it rife with NSFW content – if certain words or ideas offend you, well, you’ll probably see them there. This is the Voat forum for QAnon discussion. It’s been officially recognized by QAnon.


Such an incredible initiative! This is the first political action committee to target the Deep State specifically, and they’ve got a wonderful list of many pro-QAnon political candidates running for election.

QAnon Research: QAnon Twitter Resources


There are thousands of anons (anonymous people) posting daily about QAnon on Twitter. Here are just a few. (While you’re here – we’re @joyinliberty)

Note: No one speaks for QAnon. These are all folks with their own opinions. I recommend you follow them and listen to what they have to say, and make up your own mind. Most are very easy to talk to!

QAnon Research: Videos About QAnon

QAnon Research: Anti-QAnon Websites

In case you hadn’t noticed, not everybody thinks QAnon is “real” – actually, nearly the entire mainstream media (MSM) is leveled against Q, and many people who’ve looked into Q believe it’s a bunch of malarkey. (Say it ain’t so, Joe!)

(record scratch) “Wait,” you say. “Isn’t Joy in Liberty a pro-QAnon website?”

Yeah, we are pro-Q, based on hundreds of hours of intense personal study and experiences.

But it’s important to listen to opposing arguments, for various reasons. It’s just healthy for a balanced perspective.


It’s no secret that Wikipedia is left-leaning and globalist in tone, which is diametrically opposed to QAnon, so it figures that if you look Q up in Wikipedia, you’ll mostly hear about how Q is an insane conspiracy theory. Important to understand just how biased and inaccurate such a prominent reference source can be.


These guys are making over $10,000 a month trying to paint QAnon supporters as crazy/stupid/violent, and they seem to have a lot of fun doing it. If you’re interested in listening to logical fallacies being used to marginalize and mischaracterize a group based on the actions of a few, this might be your cup of tea.


This Q-hating bunch looks for anything they can use to mock QAnon supporters and holds it up gleefully. I’ve been featured on their forum and am proud to say I represented the Q community well, even surprising some of them with my kindness and clarity of thought. Frankly, I think some of them were shocked that I didn’t post a violent manifesto and a link to a livestream of myself shaving my entire body while grunting.

QAnon Research: Other Useful Resources (AKA the Last But Not Least Pile)


I spent a really long time making this QAnon research page, and if you’re still here, you’re probably looking at me with a mixture of sympathy (“get some sleep there, you look tired”) and incredulity (“do you ever bathe, friend?”). Yeah, I do bathe once in a while. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for using this list. I hope it helps. Please share it!

Other excellent QAnon research resources:

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