Q’s “rig for red” posts (also called “drops” or crumbs”) provide an interesting layer of military language and meaning to Q’s messaging.

To understand the unfolding drama of “the Storm,” you should read Q posts with an open mind and consider what each word, phrase and image may mean.

What Does "Rig for Red" Mean? QAnon Phrase Explained

I found the image above at Passagemaker, along with a fascination explanation of what “rig for red” means. Here’s what I learned there:

  • “Rigging for red” means using dim red lighting to preserve night vision (or “dark adaptation”).
  • Red lighting has frequently been used on submarines since World War II.
  • Nowadays, it’s much less common to see dark red lighting on subs, as scientific research has shown that human vision may respond better with dimmable white, green or even blue light instead.

Another possible meaning of “rig for red” in the context of QAnon, is that Q’s collaborators are preparing for, or currently undertaking, covert operations requiring silence from Q.

In other words, “rigging for red” may be Q’s way of saying, “we’re working on a lot of things we can’t talk publicly about right now.”

Q has often posted about the “silent war” going on between President Trump, American patriots and the elite-run deep state.

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Q "Rig for silent running:" December 15, 2017 (Q362)

On December 15, 2017, only about six weeks after Q began posting online at 4chan, Q said (Q362):

“We may have exhausted our ability to maintain safe-comms.
Snow White.
Rig for silent running.
Unknown return.”

Q rarely explains their posts in full, leaving much open to our interpretation. However, little clues scattered throughout other Q posts may shed additional light. (You can read Q drops and share your own study notes here at Joy in Liberty!)

“Snow White” appears to refer to a network of CIA supercomputers that Q, or teams working with Q, have partially or completely disabled.

Q "Rig for silent:" April 6, 2018 (Q1038)

On April 6, 2018, after moving to 8chan, Q posted (Q1038):

“Device hold.
Comms transfer castle.
Rig for silent.

Q+ typically refers to President Trump. (Who is Q?)

Here, “rig for silent” seems to suggest that Q is working on transferring control of certain communications channels or methods from an undisclosed location to the “castle,” or White House.

I haven’t seen a definitive explanation for this Q drop, though.

Q "RIG FOR RED:" November 2, 2019 (Q3574)

On November 2, 2019, on their first day posting at 8kun after about 93 days of not posting, Q wrote (Q drop 3574):


This particular rig for red Q drop came in reply to two tweets referencing Q’s prolonged absence.

I think this was an indication that Q was confirming that while they’d been “offline,” they’d been busy fighting the mostly “silent war.”

Q "Nothing can stop what is coming:" March 9, 2020 (Q3891)

On March 9, 2020, amid massive stock market losses and the MSM-engineered coronavirus hysteria, Q posted (Q drop 3891):

“Nothing can stop what is coming.
Rig for Red.”

This Q post is a bit more complex, because it’s a reply to an anon’s 8kun post, in which a couple of things are going on.

In the anon’s post, they had cited another anon who had pointed out that President Trump had retweeted a meme posted by Dan Scavino, depicting Trump playing a violin with the words, “My next piece is called … nothing can stop what’s coming.”

The second anon had made note that the first anon had asked “Q+” (Trump) to retweet the meme.

Therefore, Q’s reply to all of this could have been Q’s way of saying, “Yes, we’re listening to anons at 8kun and we encouraged Trump to make the retweet.”

“Nothing can stop what’s coming,” or “nothing can stop what is coming,” is a phrase originally used by Q, not President Trump. It refers to the upcoming “DECLAS” or declassification and public release of damning documents and indictments that show the people that the Obama administration was extraordinarily corrupt.

According to Q, Obama’s people illegally and immorally spied on then-candidate Donald Trump as early as 2015 in an attempt to rig the 2016 election against him and in favor of Hillary Clinton (to whom Q frequently refers simply as HRC).

In context, this Q “Rig for Red” post possibly indicates that progress is being made by patriots in the ongoing silent war with the deep state.

I’m not sure if the capital “R” on “Red” means anything special, but I’ve made note of it for future research.

Q titled their screenshot “PainComing.jpg” – this could refer to the justice awaiting Obama and other corrupt actors.

Q "Silent running:" March 9, 2020 (Q3892)

On March 9, 2020, just two minutes after the previous Q rig for red post mentioned above, Q posted a link to a POTUS tweet calling out the Obama/Biden administration’s corruption, and added (Q drop 3892):

“Silent running is a tactic used when….”

The phrase “silent running” is also a submarine-related phrase. It refers to “stealth mode” and if you’ve ever read or seen “The Hunt for Red October,” you might remember this well.

Silent running is an important tactic to avoid detection by sonar.

In other words, when you don’t want the enemy to know where you are or what you’re doing, you rig for silent running, which goes hand in hand with rigging for red lighting.

In particular, nuclear submarines can run especially quietly while rigged for silent running.

Again, Q seems to be referring to the ongoing silent war and emphasizing that they’re currently working quietly behind the scenes.

QAnon Rig for Red: Do You Understand Better Now?

What do you think? Can Q predict current events (see Q coronavirus )? Is there another “rig for red” meaning we’re missing?