QAnon Super Bowl posts (also called “drops” or crumbs”) are few and far between as of February 2, 2020, when the San Francisco 49ers played the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV (Super Bowl 54).

In fact, QAnon (also called Q) has only mentioned the Super Bowl (which some people refer to sarcastically as the “Superb Owl” because of its alleged ties to elite cults involved in human trafficking and false god worship … but that’s another story) three times – twice explicitly and once using the acronym “SB.”

QAnon has never explained why they don’t talk about the Super Bowl often, but they rarely bring up professional sports, and most of their content is focused on fighting political corruption (via “the Storm“).

Here’s a breakdown of all the times Super Bowl QAnon posts have appeared (read QAnon posts):

QAnon Super Bowl Post #1: February 5, 2018

In QAnon post 666 (using’s chronological indexing system for ordering QAnon posts), on February 5, 2018, Q said:

Why did the #Memo drop a Friday [& before the SB]?
Did this seem strange to you?
Watch the news.

QAnon Super Bowl post 666

The “#Memo” QAnon was referring to was the so-called FISA memo detailing possible abuse of the FISA court process by the Obama administration, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton, to spy illegally (or at least illicitly) on then-candidate Donald Trump before the 2016 presidential election.

QAnon noted the fact that the memo was publicly released on a slow news day – the Friday just before the Super Bowl – when it was more likely the mainstream media would be able to suppress the story, damaging as it was to liberal interests.

QAnon Super Bowl interest seemed mostly focused on the security aspects of the event and the potential for human trafficking near the game venue in Atlanta, Georgia. Source: my personal experience following this topic as it unfolded. (Read personal QAnon experiences.)

QAnon Super Bowl Post #2: February 20, 2019

In QAnon post 2843, on February 20, 2019, Q said:

Hence why [AS][SDNY][MW] are attempting to keep the ‘insurance’ scheme ongoing post Mueller.
The fun begins directly after.
Will make the Super Bowl look like a puppy show.

Anons (anonymous posters) quickly noted Q’s odd word choice and began researching the phrase “puppy show.”

The Super Bowl QAnon research topic is still quite bare as of early 2020, but this instance from 2019 is notable, as you’ll see when we look at the next Q Super Bowl reference.

QAnon Super Bowl Post #3: February 22, 2019

In QAnon post 2869, on February 22, 2019, Q said:

Super Bowl (winners)?
Puppy (sex_urban dic)?

This appears to be yet another QAnon proof, or evidence supporting QAnon’s authenticity as a source of classified information. (Our QAnon research library is growing.)

Two days after Q2843, in which Q mentioned the Super Bowl and “puppy show” in the same sentence, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft (or “Bob Kraft”) was charged with soliciting prostitution, stemming from a law enforcement raid on a Florida day spa.

At that time, the Urban Dictionary website included a definition of “sex puppy” as “A […] person who does nothing all day but follow around his/her master in a sexual manner […] (‘doggie’).”

While it didn’t discuss in detail the Super Bowl, QAnon did connect the “winners” (the Patriots) to the term “puppy” and make the reference to Kraft clear.

What do you think? Does QAnon have foreknowledge of current events (see QAnon coronavirus information), or access to insider information about NFL owners and other rich and powerful people in and out of politics? (And how often does QAnon post immediately before Trump?)

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