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QAnon 101: Basic Information About QAnon for Beginners

The mainstream media (MSM) discourages you from learning about QAnon. Why? Who or what is QAnon anyway? Is QAnon conspiracy theory or truth? Start learning now.

  • About QAnon – a basic overview of the topic of QAnon.
  • Who is QAnon? – A breakdown of Q’s identity – what we know and what we don’t.
  • Read QAnon Posts – We discuss 5 of our favorite free websites where you can read every Q “drop” (4,400+ as of June 2020).
  • QAnon FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • QAnon History: The story of Q, from 2017 until today.
  • QAnon Predictions – Can Q predict the future? What has Q predicted? (The answers may surprise you.)
  • QAnon Proofs – Evidence claiming to prove QAnon’s authenticity, plus our analysis.

There are many “QAnon proofs,” or claims that QAnon (or “Q”) is an authentic source of true information. On the other hand, many sources claim that QAnon is a conspiracy theory, a LARP (live-action role player), or even a religion.

Project QUAKE is our worldwide QAnon research project that you can contribute to from anywhere! Learn more.

What is QAnon? Who is QAnon?

QAnon (or simply “Q”) claims to be a team of anonymous American patriots working alongside President Trump to make the public aware of longstanding corruption within DC elite circles, Hollywood, powerful corporations and even organized religions. The raising of worldwide awareness about this corruption is referred to by Q as a “Great Awakening” because it is empowering ordinary people to use their newfound knowledge to make the world a happier, safer place. Q has been posting online on different anonymous message boards or forums since October 2017. See also: Who is QAnon?


The Story of Q: A History of QAnon from the Beginning (October 28, 2017)

Visit our free QAnon history research area and learn about Q in much more detail, or click the image below to visit The Story of Q.

QAnon History


Where is QAnon online?

Q publishes posts occasionally at 8kun as of 2020, and has posted at 8chan and 4chan dating back to October 28, 2017. You can find all of Q’s posts aggregated in chronological order at volunteer-run websites like We also offer a free QAnon history research area called “The Story of Q.”

The mainstream media, or MSM, has almost universally denounced or dismissed Q, calling it a dangerous or insane “conspiracy theory” with no evidence to support Q’s claims.

Our belief is that QAnon is not a LARP (live-action role player), but is actually working with the President to tell the American people, and freedom-loving people worldwide, about the inner workings of the Trump administration, crimes by the deep state, and worldwide corruption.



Questions About QAnon: Fake or Real?

Here are just a few critical thinking questions about Q that we discuss on this website:

  • If QAnon is fake, why hasn’t the White House discouraged people from believing Q’s assertions?
  • If QAnon is fake, why is the mainstream media so adamant that people who study or analyze Q’s posts are “conspiracy theorists” and supporters of crazy ideas and violence?
  • If QAnon is fake, how could they so often publish posts shortly before POTUS tweets, in some cases less than one minute before, with content that mirrors or closely resembles the content of the President’s tweets?
  • Have you studied QAnon’s nearly 4,000 posts at a repository like or to make up your own mind about whether Q is telling the truth?


QAnon Proofs Analysis: Can You Prove Q is Real or Fake?

We’ve published free reviews of many possible QAnon “proofs.” Believers say the evidence is overwhelming that Q is legit; skeptics say these claims are ridiculous. Study the analysis for each claim and make up your own mind.



Who Are QAnon Followers? Are They Crazy Conspiracy Theorists?

According to the media, Q’s supporters are violent, unhinged, bizarre … you get the idea. But is that really true?


QAnon Current Events and Daily QAnon News

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